Large shopping malls are replacing small shops – PTE IELTS Essay

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What’s your opinion? Good or bad?

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops - PTE IELTS Essay Writing


Large shopping malls are replacing small shops – PTE IELTS Essay Writing

A great number of shopping malls have established in almost all cities of the world in last few years. Due to which some people think large shopping malls are replacing small shops, they think small shops are best for purchasing day to day items while other think shopping malls are far better than small shops. In my opinion shopping in malls is better than shopping in small shops. Shopping malls are better due to following reasons.

Firstly, time management, as everything is available under one roof, you do not have to go from one place to other for buying different things, it saves your time and fuel also. Time management is the biggest issue for every person in the busy world. Secondly, you can spend the whole day in a mall. After shopping, you can watch a movie or eat at a good restaurant. At weekend it is best option to go for outing, you can go with your friends, family everyone. Children can play games there, so there is an option for everyone. For e.g. at the weekend if you have to buy grocery or other things and also want to take out for your family for outing it is the best option.

Thirdly, you will get everything original in malls. There is no chance of duplicate product and everything is available at the fixed price, bargaining has no place in malls. You can get discount on items also for e.g. In Metro, Walmart etc you mostly get the discount on items or there are other offers also like buy 2 get 1 etc. You get discount on clothes, shoes and accessories also, there are mid-season sale and other sales.

Shopping malls have also generated employment opportunities. If you want to start a business or any food outlet, malls are the best place for you to start, as many people visit malls every day, it will be good for the startup. You can easily cover their expenditure and earn the profit.

To sum up, there are many benefits of shopping malls. It saves your time, money and also create employment. Therefore I believe that shopping malls are better than small shops.

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