Importance of English Language Essay – English as a Universal Language Essay

Importance of English Language Essay – Do you think English will remain global language despite globalisation? Discuss your views with an example.


Do you think that the English language will remain the global language of business despite globalization? Support your point of view with examples and observations.

Importance of English Essay

IELTS & PTE Writing - English as a Universal Language Essay

Importance of English Language Essay – English as a Universal Language Essay

English is the global language as most of the business transaction, international meetings and trading done in English. In today’s era, English is the most preferred language of communication. Ever since English has been adopted as an international language it has become the language of conversation between people of different countries and culture. Despite having many languages it is considered an official language in many countries. English language acts as mean of communication in the world. So I agree with the statement English language will remain as the global language despite globalisation.

English takes a large part in the growth of technology. It is used in almost every electronic devices like the computer. Every command in the computer is in English. If you want to use the internet you should understand English first. As almost every article is written in English on the internet. Even if you want to use social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram you should know English.

English is an international language. If you want to do business at international level you should be good at English. It is used in many international summits. English has now become the need of the people. If anyone wants to emigrate to a developed country he should be good in English. As most of the developed countries are English speaking countries. English is the language of science, commerce, trade, arts, history, literature, media and entertainment. It is the languages which have connected the world.

In the end, as English is already the most widely used language throughout the world not only it helps people to communicate with each other but also it has increased the global trade and hence increased the economy also. So, in my opinion, English will remain as the dominant international language. As due to a common language English, Globalisation has happened and increasing rapidly. So we can say English and Globalisation will always show the positive correlation.

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