PTE Writing Essay: Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein

The only thing that interferes with my learning is toy education- Einstein. or Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.

Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein

Education is the biggest barrier in my learning - Einstein

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Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein

Many people believe that education is the one and only way to acquire knowledge but there are many successful people who think differently. There are many examples in the world like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, who were school dropouts and became successful in their lives with their own concepts. They learned by themselves and never let education hinder their ways of learning.

Elbert Einstein quoted “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education” means that educational institutions limits the mind of students and will not able to utilize it in a proper manner. No doubt education and learning are related to each other but persons like Elbert Einstein create their own standards. Persons like Elbert Einstein believes in the holistic process which not only involves the basic understanding taught by the teachers but also deep research into the things he wanted to know.

The successful persons in this world follow their own rules and work with full passion. Nobody can stop them due to their full dedication aiming towards goals. For instance, Indian cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar nurtured his passion for the game. All time he used to play cricket and attained the position which no other batsman in the world has been able to achieve it.

In conclusion, education tends to limit the knowledge and alter the process of education. Elbert Einstein realized and believes that education is stopping him from learning new things and from making new discoveries.

Essay Sample 2

Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein. What do you mean by this? And do you think Einstein was correct in saying that?

Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein

Education is about teaching and learning skills and knowledge. But today’s education system is not qualitative, it is taking away the learnings and exceptional qualities of children. Many people believe that formal education is the only way to learn and acquire knowledge. But Albert Einstein had a different view on the concept of education. According to him, learning is not just to memorise concepts and score good marks. Learning is concerned with your knowledge and creativity. It is not only concern with the knowledge provided by or taught by someone, it also involved what you learn and create out of it, it is basically concerned with practical knowledge. But today, the education system does not focus on practical knowledge of students.

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Before getting into colleges students cannot decide what to do, in what they are best and what should they do. They do anything which anyone suggests and make that their profession. They do not think or find their passion and make that their profession. This is what Albert Einstein did not like about education system. Because in the race of life we have completely forgotten what we are, at what we are best and what we want to become. Education teaches a person to think in a particular frame. Education in schools and colleges is demolishing creativity and knowledge. Education is limited to the knowledge of an educator. Students have lost their creativity and talent because our education system does not give us any practical knowledge.

To conclude, I totally agree with Albert Einstein – Education is the biggest barrier in my learnings. A change is required in our education system. There should be more personality development classes in schools and colleges, also there should be weekly workshops in schools and colleges where students can do practical and experiment of their learnings. The practical assignment should be given to students so that they can think beyond the books and education and bring some creativity. It will enhance their knowledge and open their minds which are narrowed down due to this education system. The government should always think of changing the education system.

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