Collocation Definition – Collocation Different Types

Collocation Definition – The grouping or juxtaposition of things, especially words or sounds. Such a specific grouping. A sequence of words or terms that co-occur more often than would be expected by chance (i.e, the statistically significant placement of particular words in a language).

Collocation Definition and Different Types with Example

Collocation Definition

Collocation Definition with Examples

Now we are going to explain some different collocations with examples. As you know there are many more collocations for each word, but for this explanation, we have chosen some most common collocations for a single word for your help.

Collocation for Relative –

1. Care for relative – e.g on weekends I go to the hospital to care for my relatives. You can add – grandparents, aunty and uncle as well in the same sentence.

2. Other relatives – I have my brother and sister and then have other relatives that live in the house as well.

3. Distant relatives – Distant relatives are your family members that are far away from you, not in terms of how far away into the country they are but form you and your family. e.g. my mothers cousin son could be an example of a distant relative.

4. Close relative – A close relative is someone that you have a close relationship with you and your family.

5. Elderly relative – Someone who is older and your relative

6. Visit relatives – This is very common collocation. Next year I am going to visit my relatives in Australia or Europe.

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Collocation for Relationship –

1. Relationship between – e.g a relationship between two people

2. Relationship with – e.g a relationship with your parents, a relationship with your family or with your boss

3. Establish a relationship – This means to make a relationship, to create a relationship

4. Close relationship – You have a good, a strong, a close relationship with a person

5. Personal relationship – Personal relationship usually compares with work relationship. So if you develop a personal relationship with someone then may be you have friendship with them.

6. Special relationship – When you get attached with some for a longer period of time. e.g marriage or long relationship.


Collocation for Adolescence –

1. Early Adolescence – Early Adolescence is like 13, 14, 15 years old.

2. During Adolescence

3. Childhood Adolescence – Adolescence is a good comparison word for childhood. You have childhood adolescence adulthood.


Collocation for Nurture –

1. Nurture by someone/ something – e.g if the child was nurtured by their coach for many years

2. Nurture Talent – So if a child is talented, perhaps a coach will nurture their talent and help them become better at that they are doing.