PTE Collocation Examples for PTE Academic Exam Preparation

We are going to learn about Collocations. What is Collocation? Collocations are the combination of words that are always together. In English, Collocation is a specific arrangement of words that are used more often than might be expected. The specific arrangement of words that communicates a specific meaning. We could use other words to describe the same meaning but use the collocation that’s specific arrangement over and over again. Sometimes we use other words to describe the meaning but most […]

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PTE Collocation Words List 3 – Collocative Vocabulary Examples in English

On this page, you can find a long list of collocation to give you more idea about them. Many good learners dictionaries show collocations list associated with the specific word. There is also a dictionary of collocation, which is more difficult to find. So we post PTE Collocation Words List 3 – English Collocations.     Here are some important collocation words with their different types and their use in combination of words or sentence. Below these examples, there is English […]

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PTE Academic Collocations List 2 – Strong New Words With Examples

Collocations are two or more words that go together. The word Collocate comes from Latin word “Collocare” and it means to place together. We can say that they can be studied together. You can not say for example “Make a shower”, You say to take a shower or to have a shower. We are sharing PTE Academic Collocations List 2 – Collocations for PTE. We have different types of collocations for PTE, let’s just take a look at them. First […]

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These are the combination of words which are used together with greater than usual frequency. latest gossip (adjective + noun) package holiday (noun + noun) have a great time (verb + adjective + noun) discuss calmly (verb + adverb) completely satisfied (adverb + adjective) hand in an assignment (verb + preposition + noun) We are providing important PTE Collocations. So in order to learn collocations just read five times before going for the actual exam. Again I am repeating, you […]

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(PTE COLLOCATION LIST) What Is Collocation & Why They Are Important For PTE Academic

Collocations are very important in PTE fill in the blanks. Collocations mean “how two words are used together in common language.” A collocation is two words that frequently go together for example “house” – a detached house, a semi-detached house, a big house, a comfortable house, these are the words that often go together with the word house. Another example, “Good” and “Very good”, these two words often go together, extremely good, these two words are collocations because they go together. […]

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