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PTE Summary Writing: Summarize written text is a short-answer writing task type that tests reading and writing skills. You have 10 minutes to write a one-sentence summary of a reading passage. You will do 2-3 Summarize written text tasks which depend on the exam to exam. Here is PTE Summary Writing Question.


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PTE Summary Writing

summary writing pte

PTE Summary Writing

It’ll Never Fly: The City Of London

Who would have thought back in 1698, as they downed their espressos, that the little band of stockbrokers from Jonathan’s Coffee House in Change Alley EC3 would be the founder- members of what would become the world’s mighty money capital?

Progress was not entirely smooth. The South Sea Bubble burst in 1720 and the coffee house exchanges burned down in 1748. As late as Big Bang in 1986, when bowler hats were finally hung up, you wouldn’t have bet the farm on London surpassing New York, Frankfurt, and Tokyo as Mammon’s international nexus. Yet the 325,000 souls who operate in the UK capital’s financial hub have now overtaken their New York rivals in the size of the funds managed (including offshore business); they hold 70% of the global secondary bond market and the City dominates foreign exchange trading. And its institutions paid out £9 billion in bonuses in December. The Square Mile has now spread both eastwards from EC3 to Canary Wharf and westwards into Mayfair, where many of the private-equity ‘locusts’ and their hedge-fund pals now hang out. For foreigners in finance, London is the place to be. It has no Sarbanes-Oxley and no euro to hold it back, yet the fact that it still flies so high is against the odds. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, transport systems groan and there’s an ever-present threat of terrorist attack. But, for the time being, the deals just keep on getting bigger.

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Summary Sample 1 – London has surpassed its rivals and has dominated global financial markets to become the world’s mighty money capital due to its judicial and currency advantages even though the expansion progress was not smooth.

Summary Sample 2 – Whereas the fundamental essence of London emphasis the significance of the world’s mighty money capital, the corresponding impacts of overtaking the New York rivals such as the global secondary bond market and dominating the foreign exchange trading are acknowledged, and having no Sarbanes-Oxley could be inferred evidently from being expensive, which the potential implications of groaning transport systems as well as an ever-present threat of terrorist attack are presumed.


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  • Shilpa Thomas

    London is the world’s mighty money capital, and had surpassed New York rivals, holds 70% of global secondary bond market, dominates foreign exchange trading as well; however, it is the most expensive city to live in, transport systems groans and has the threat of terrorist attack.

  • subbu

    Although London has dominated in global foreign trade and become the international financial hub by surpassing the rivals in Newyork, Frankfurt and Tokyo, the city’s progress was not that much easy; it had been stood against all odds and flies so high.

  • Madubuko Chioma Helen

    Answer: It’s a matter of reckon that a team of stockbrokers in the year 1698 placed London to the highest money capital dependent over other countries of the world. However, Research proved that it was not an easy expansion or task, but it worth it finally. Consequently, the potential benefit made London great and liveable, economically. Other benefits emerged as smooth transportation system, and London made free of hooks and cranny that would lead to terrorist attacks.