World Environment Day Essay

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World Environment Day Essay

World Environment Day Essay 300 Words

Environment plays a significant role in our lives by helping us to survive on this planet. Mother Nature has offered us this beautiful environment, which makes our lives sustainable. It’s completely impossible to survive on the earth without the environment.

Just assume that you don’t have water and food, will you be able to survive? No, not at all, however, this could happen one day if we do not preserve this environment. Whatever man-made activities are going on this earth will lead to an imbalance of nature which will further cause a disturbance in the whole environment. So it’s the need of an hour to take care of the environment and discourage activities that are exploiting it.

For this reason, the World Environment day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) started this world environment day so as to spread awareness regarding the conservation of the environment.

Environment day reminds us of the mistreatment done to the environment and how we can take preventive measures to control the overutilization of resources on the earth. The major effect of overexploitation is global warming. Since global warming is the major threat to our environment so it is our prime responsibility to stop the activities that cause it and use natural resources in a sustainable way.

The World Environment Day is celebrated with the objective to execute various plans and agendas so as to devise measures that help to resolve all the environmental issues on this planet and to make this environment and earth truly beautiful.

To make people aware of the environmental concerns, it was really important to establish this kind of program so as to save the environment. This day helps us to understand the significance of a healthy environment and how we can take steps to ensure that the environment around us is not exploited. It is crucial to take part in such programs in order to contribute a little in saving this planet. So it is necessary for people all around the world to conserve natural resources and make the environment a safe place for the coming generations.

The primary objective of this day is to bring together all the people around the world and make them conscious of the climatic changes we are facing due to environmental exploitation. There are various cultural programs, painting competitions, quiz competitions, art exhibitions, essay writing, speech etc held on this day. Numerous orientations are also organized to encourage the youth to conserving the environment.

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