Water Scarcity Essay

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Water Scarcity Essay 300 Words

Water scarcity is a major issue around the globe and is increasing rapidly. The groundwater levels are decreasing and people are resorting to other forms of sources to meet their daily water requirements. Water is the most essential component of our lives and we are misusing it unnecessarily. As a result, the water crisis is now a major concern for many countries across the world. There are various reasons that lead to water scarcity and crisis, however, people are still exploiting this natural resource without thinking about their future generations.

Agricultural domains require water largely to yield vegetables and fruits. However, irrigation systems used in agriculture do not use the water effectively and consumes more water than is actually required. Therefore, agriculture contributes a lot to water scarcity problems. Shortage of water can be due to climatic changes such as droughts and floods may lead to the water crisis. On the other hand, increasing population and increasing demand for water have led to the overuse of water which has consequently caused water scarcity. 

However, there are ways through which we can combat the water crisis. We can educate people about this issue and how they can prevent themselves from water shortage problems. We must practice recycling rainwater and other sources of water. There are many other ways of conserving water such as rainwater harvesting and watershed management that helps prevent rainwater from falling down on the surface. Such water can then be used for various purposes. Also, we should reduce activities that cause water pollution and makes water inefficient for use. The sewage systems must be improved to prevent water scarcity. 

In conclusion, water scarcity is a severe global issue that must be resolved at the earliest to support survival on this planet. Government and people should make combined efforts to conserve water for the present and coming generations on the earth.

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