Tsunami Essay

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Tsunami Essay

Tsunami Essay

Tsunami refers to the phenomenon in which a chain of strong waves causes high rush in the water resulting in waves that reach the heights to several meters. Tsunami is a kind of a natural disaster and is caused due to earthquake or volcanic eruption under the ocean or sea. Landslides can also be a cause behind tsunamis beneath the sea. Tsunami badly affects mankind and causes huge destruction to the property. Tsunami is linked to the tidal waves that have a quite long wavelength which results in the destruction of life on the earth.

A tsunami can sometimes go unnoticed or it can cause huge destruction. The impact of the tsunami is based upon the seismic event that generates the tsunami, the distance between the coastline and the point of origin, its magnitude and the depth of the ocean or the sea. Minor earthquakes usually occur every day that cause small tsunamis which do not harm anyone. Such tsunamis may take place far away from the land and do not produce any effect. Also, these kinds of tsunamis can be seen as fast-moving tides in the ocean.

A huge tsunami that consists of a large amount of water and energy can cause devastation when it hits the land. The first wave of a tsunami is extremely giant, which is then followed by a chain of high waves that cause most of the destruction. When the fast-flowing water powerfully thrashes the shoreline, it destroys everything that comes in its path.

In conclusion, Tsunami is a natural calamity which cannot be stopped, nevertheless, we can find out ways to reduce its impact on human life. Government has deployed various warning systems that detect the earthquakes or movement of the tectonic plates under the ocean that immediately sends the warning signals before the giant waves hit the shore. Therefore, people can evacuate that place and can go somewhere safe to save their life and property. Other preventive measures must also be taken by the people to combat the occurrence of Tsunami.

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