My Ambition Essay

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My Ambition Essay

My Ambition Essay

Everyone has some or other kind of ambition in life. Right from childhood, we start dreaming and weaving ambitions. Ambition shows us the direction towards our overarching goal and also helps us focus on our aim. It inculcates the habits of hard work and punctuality as these two traits help us reach our goal. It encourages us to lead a better life.

However, every individual has its own ambition in life. People nowadays give up on their ambitions because of society. For instance, many people in the medical field wanted to become models or singers or some of the greatest officers always wanted to become artists, however, they chose the other profession to adapt to this society.

Well, my ambition in life is to become a dancer as I developed a taste for dancing when I was in class 3. I had great support from my family and they always encourage me to pursue this ambition. I have heard many people who stated that they never got support from their family when they wanted to dance but I feel fortunate enough to have such a family that supports me.

So from the beginning of my childhood, I joined the dance classes to polish my skills and learn new and latest dance forms. My guru was such a great dancer at the national level who taught me various dance skills and encouraged me to perform well every time I participated in the competition. I learnt many things from dance as it is an art that inculcates punctuality and confidence which ultimately makes you a better person in life.

I wanted to become a dancer as I want to set an example for people that even dancing career is lucrative and must not be taken for granted. There are many doctors and engineers in the society but that doesn’t mean these are the only two professions that give you respect in society. Art is something that is respect in itself and dance is a form of art and should never be considered inferior to any other profession.

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