Essay on kabaddi

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Essay on kabaddi

Essay on kabaddi

Kabaddi is an age-old sport popular in different parts of the world. The word Kabaddi is derived from the Tamil word Kai-pidi which implies “gripping hands”. This is the national game of Bangladesh and is also played in various parts of India. Specifically, this game is more popular in villages of Tamil Nadu, Bihar, UP, Punjab, Gujarat, MP, and Maharashtra. Kabaddi is also known as Hu Tu Tu in other regions of the state.

Kabaddi is considered as a unique game as it does not involve any equipment like other games and only requires a playground. It is played between two teams of seven players each. One player from each side recites “kabaddi…kabaddi..kabaddi..” and goes into the opposition area and makes the best possible efforts to touch at least one player of the opposition team and then tries to go back to his own area safely.

Conversely, all the 7 players of the opposition try to grip him under their control and do not let him go back to his own half safely. If the player successfully touches the opposition player and returns back to his half safely, he manages to make his own player alive who had been out of the game earlier and also scores the points. The whole game is played for a period of 20 minutes and the team who has the highest points wins the game.

Various kabaddi world cups and leagues are organized at the international level to inculcate the spirit of sports among the people and make this game recognized at the international level. People must engage themselves in such games as it makes the people active and lively and also strengthens the muscles. Sports play a significant role in our lives as they keep us healthy and strong and also reduce our physical and mental illness.

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