Human Cloning Essay Pros and Cons

The role of human cloning has accelerated rapidly. To what extent you think will it replace the material things. Read Human Cloning Essay PTE.

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Human Cloning Essay PTE Sample

Advancement in the fields of science and technology has helped in increasing the lifespan of humans. Cloning of animals has been occurring before but now cloning of humans too is possible. Though human cloning technique helps in fabricating human organs but some people argue that its dangerous, but I believe that it has significant advantages.

Human cloning offers independence to cure certain disabilities and diseases. Scientists and doctors culture human organs in labs carefully. Yet there is a mass reduction of organ donors. Moreover, organs like the liver can only be donated after a person’s death. This results in a long waiting queue and sometimes this demand is not available for everyone. So doctors with the help of cloning, they can replace the diseased organ and save the life of many.

There are many counter arguments on the fact that human cloning if misused could have dangerous consequences. For instance, terrorists can use it for unethical reasons. They can replace key human parts like eyes and fingerprint to bypass biometric security measures. The technology of plastic surgery can also be used by them to fulfill their goals.

To conclude, I believe that human cloning has many advantages. However, the government should take strict actions and implement laws to ensure that the use of human cloning shall not fall in the hands of terrorists and be used only to serve humanity.

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