Oil Conservation Essay

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Oil Conservation Essay

Oil Conservation Essay

Oil conservation is the need of an hour as human beings are using fossil fuels at an alarming rate due to which they are depleting the oil reserves. People are exploiting the resources and polluting the environment. If all the fossil fuels will be used, what will be left for future generations? Obviously nothing, therefore it is important to reduce the usage of fossil fuels so as to conserve the non-renewable resources for our coming generations. Oil is an important natural resource and is used everywhere to run the world. Its careless use will definitely cause its exhaustion so we must take some steps to conserve the oil.

Our lives are now completely dependent on oil as it fulfils our daily requirements such as to drive the cars, for developing various types of machinery, for making buildings and much more. All these activities will continue if we use the oil judiciously, otherwise, everything will come to a halt one day. Here are some of the methods to conserve oil:

  • People should start using solar power in automobiles.
  • Public transport should be preferred over private so as to conserve petrol.
  • Using a bicycle is another good option to conserve oil when you are going to a nearby place.
  • Walking is another good idea to save petrol and to remain fit in life.
  • People should replace their old cars that utilize more petrol than required.
  • Using CNG and LPG can also prove to be beneficial in conserving oil.
  • Cars and other vehicles must be sent for regular service.
  • We should use air conditioners in the cars only when required as it puts extra load on the engine.

In conclusion, if we follow these steps, we will surely contribute in saving the fuel as well as the environment.

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