Coconut Tree Essay

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Coconut Tree Essay

Coconut Tree Essay

Coconut palm trees are one of the most beautiful and useful trees that certainly enhance the beauty of a place. Grown in different countries of the world, this large tree holds great importance since time immemorial. It provides shelter, food, raw material and nutritious water to the people and also contributes to the economic development of various countries.

Coconut trees have a classical appearance with tall slim trunks crowned with elegant green leaves. Coconut trees provide edible coconut fruits which are used in various forms. These trees are usually grown in the warm and temperate climate such as in south India. Coconut trees can be 60 feet tall and 25 ft wide however they also come in dwarf varieties which are normally 10-15 ft tall.

Coconut is used for various purposes such as coconut trunk is largely used as timber in various construction sites. This type of timber can also be used to make paper, boats, furniture and many other things. Coconut leaves are used as roofing material and as a wrapper to make small rice cakes.

Also, coconut roots are used as a fundamental ingredient in making dyes and can also be used for making toothbrushes and mouth fresheners. Coconut oil has been in use since the ancient times and has a lot of benefits such as it is used for healthy cooking, used as a skin moisturizer, promotes hair growth and heals many types of skin diseases. Coconut juice is a refreshing drink and is used for various purposes as it provides many health benefits.

Some of the other parts of the coconut tree include husk, shell, flesh, and heart that are used in industries for various purposes. Hence, coconut tree provides immense benefits to mankind and it is considered as the king of trees.

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