Haritha Haram Essay in English

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Haritha Haram Essay

Haritha Haram Essay in English

Haritha Haram is a campaign started by Sri Chandra Sekhar Rao- the Chief Minister of Telangana on 3rd July in 2015. The prime objective of this campaign was to plant millions of saplings of plants in order to increase the green cover on the earth and to preserve the forests which are depleting day by day at an enormous rate.

Such an initiative will certainly help in decreasing the pollution levels along with saving the environment and the mother nature. Deforestation and exploitation of forest resources are the main reasons behind the present global warming. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the greenery on the earth to maintain the ecological balance in nature.

Forest cover is decreasing because of urbanization and industrialization and the people are using land for various business purposes. This has resulted in ecological imbalance as animals are losing their habitat due to cutting down of trees and the depletion of rainforests has resulted in climatic changes and droughts in many places. Hence, this campaign was launched with a purpose to stop all this chaos happening in the world.

Telangana has witnessed greater peace and calm after the launch of this campaign as now the animals are living in their own habitats and do not come out of the forests to attack people and to create a mess in the society of human beings.

This campaign has also helped in increasing the rainfall in the state and the water scarcity problem has also been decreased up to a greater extent. This has ultimately helped the nation fight the global warming issue.

In conclusion, increasing the green cover on earth plays an important role in saving the environment. So it is our prime responsibility that we should cooperate with the government in these campaigns to make them successful and thus contribute to the betterment of the environment and the world.

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