All That Glitters Is Not Gold Essay

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold Essay

All That Glitters Is Not Gold Essay

“All that glitters is not gold” is a wise saying that particularly suggests that every shiny and beautiful thing is not always valuable and worthy. This means that some things might appear attractive physically however they may not be beautiful and precious from inside.

The charm of certain things that are good looking might fool people and can tempt them and can prove to be dangerous for them later on. For example, if somebody showers love on you and is always nice to you, it does not mean he or she loves you from heart, he may be pretending because he might have some mean interests in talking to you.

Therefore, people should never be blinded by the acquisitive appearances and should always see the other aspect of a person or a thing that might be different from the one which is in front of you. People should always enquire everything about a person before sharing their life with them.

It is generally seen that poor people get mesmerized by looking at the lifestyle of the rich people and they start wishing for the same life. But they are not aware of the actual problems of their life as most of the rich people suffer from depression and anxiety problems and many of them are not living a normal and happy life. So one must be satisfied with the life God has given them and must thank god for all his mercy and grace. Then we can see beautiful people who wear nice and expensive clothes however that person may be very evil from inside.

In conclusion, one should never be attracted by the outlook of the things and people as they may not be the same as they pretend to be, so always try to make informed judgments about them. Always think logically and analyze things before getting attracted to them.

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