Green Revolution Essay

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Green Revolution Essay

Green Revolution Essay

Green Revolution is the practice of increasing and improving agricultural production by means of modern-day techniques and methodologies. The green revolution took place between 1950 and late 1960s that effectively augmented the production of crops globally, specifically in developing countries. Green revolution involves the use of fertilizers, pesticides, HYV seeds, and modern methods of irrigation that collectively help in larger agricultural production.

The introduction of new methodologies and techniques brought the green revolution in the realm of agriculture. All the latest methods were brought suddenly into the agriculture which rapidly increased the production and therefore it is known as a Green revolution in agriculture.

The green revolution has offered many advantages to mankind such as it helped produce more yield from the crops. This ultimately helped in providing an adequate amount of food for the growing population. It also lowered the production costs as large yield could be made from similar number of crops and labour which consequently decreased the consumer costs.

Green revolution also protects the environment as there will be less deforestation required for agricultural land due to higher yield from the same croplands. It has also made possible to grow the crops anywhere if proper farming techniques are used to support the environmental conditions of that place. It has also created employment opportunities for the poor and needy.

The Green revolution has some disadvantages as well as it involves the use of insecticides and pesticides which can make crops and plants toxic sometimes. Also, this toxic content can mix up with the soil and adjoining water bodies which can harm the aquatic life as well. Some farmers cannot afford using the modern-day techniques and items which leads to inequality and poverty.

In conclusion, the Green revolution has positively impacted the agricultural industry and helped many poor people come out of their poverty-stricken life. Therefore, it is a great revolution in the history of mankind.

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