Essay on Parrot

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Essay on Parrot

Essay on Parrot 300 Words

Parrots are considered the most charming species of birds on the earth also known as PSITTACINES scientifically. Usually, all the breeds of parrots are full of vibrant colours which make them quite attractive and colourful. However, black-red coloured parrots and African grey parrots are the exceptions of this species.

Parrots do vary in size but they have some characteristic features that are common to all the parrots such as their red-coloured curved beak, vivid-coloured feathers, four toes, and a straight posture. Earth has nearly 300 species of parrots which are found in different regions of the world. These birds are considered quite intelligent and active than other bird species as they have a god-gifted talent of mimicking the sounds they are exposed to. Also, they have a life span of 60 years or around.

Parrots usually eat insects, nuts, fruits and tiny seeds. They are provided with a piercing and curved beak to hold the nuts easily. These are very friendly birds and people love to keep them as pets in their houses. Most of the parrots are found in the tropical areas and places with a warm and humid climate such as in India. They are also loyal towards their mates and flatter them with their shining feathers and melodic jingles. Many circus groups use parrots to entertain the audience as they easily learn and imitate things.

However, to keep them as pets require a lot of maintenance and they need proper attention and love from people or otherwise, they stop eating food once they feel they are neglected by their owner. Therefore, every creation of God is unique and ultimate and parrots are one of them. We must help them to survive on this earth and should live in harmony with them to keep them lively and happy.

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