PTE Essay Writing – Human Needs Are More Important Than Saving Land For Endangered Animals

PTE Essay Writing - Human Needs Are More Important Than Saving Land For Endangered Animals

Model Answer –

There is a scarcity of resources for human needs but nature has its own role to play for the survival of human’s life. Excess of everything is bad because when people make excess usage of many resources, it becomes difficult to survive in long term. Human minds are greedy, at times, they overtook their aim interest than the interests of the future generation.

The argument is for the need of land for productive purposes but it is not a logical step. The survival of human race will be in question if more and more and is used for productive resources. When more and more land is used for industrial purposes, the availability of land for human beings and animals is reduced which endanger their life.

Although modernisation helps to increase the standard of living of population the cost – benefit approach suggests that long term survivor is endangered. Animals and human beings need time and space for various activities. Lack of space leads to problems in terms of entertainment or social activities for them. Animals and human evolve over time but the time for their physical activities is mandatory.

More options can be explored to address the problem of modern life. If we need more buildings, a different type of need for infrastructure arises and society needs creativity in terms of developing new ways of thinking to address the need for infrastructure. Society can evolve only if we provide basic facilities to the people and animals. The entire circle of life will be disturbed of we encourage activities which promote danger to people and animals.

In a nutshell, we can state that the need for farmland, housing, and industry is very important and it is a must need for the society in terms of long term survival.