Afforestation Essay

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Afforestation Essay

Afforestation Essay 300 Words

Afforestation is an activity that refers to the practice of planting trees and plants in a desolate land that lacks in green cover. The main objective of this process is to create a new forest on infertile land. However, many people confuse the terms afforestation and reforestation. The term reforestation suggests the replanting of trees in the forest that is gradually becoming deficit in trees and plants and afforestation, on the other hand, is the process of developing an all-new forest which never existed before.

Our planet earth is continuously deteriorating due to the inhumane activities, which has ultimately depleted the green cover on the earth. Factors like overpopulation, exploitation of natural resources, deforestation and pollution have contributed to the reduction of forests on the planet.

Afforestation is the need of an hour as the earth is continuously facing pollution and exploitation. Due to increasing population, there’s more demand for industrialization and urbanization which has consequently led to deforestation. Large areas of forests are dispelled to meet the ever-increasing demands of the people. Hence, it is crucial to understand the present situation of the earth and encourage activities that preserve the green cover on the earth.

In order to combat global warming, ecological imbalance, soil erosion and pollution, we need to indulge in afforestation and reforestation activities so as to save our planet from the ill-effects of desertification.

Afforestation promotes the economy of the nation as forests supply raw material and various other items that have great commercial use. It also prevents soil erosion and facilitates improved retention of water. Planting more trees increases the oxygen level in the air and people are able to breathe in the fresh air and thus remain healthy and there are numerous other benefits associated with afforestation.

Hence, we must promote afforestation as it keeps the environment healthy and also maintains ecological balance. Government and people should make combined efforts to encourage the process of afforestation.

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