Essay on Save Earth

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Essay on Save Earth

Essay on Save Earth 300 Words

Earth is the only planet that supports the survival of living beings. There are many resources present on the earth that help various life forms continue to exist on it. Our life is not possible without the sun, water, plants and air. However, we are exploiting all the natural resources present on the earth and this will certainly lead to the destruction of the environment and mankind.

It’s an urgent necessity to save the earth and its powerful resources so as to live happily on the planet. Human beings have been selfish lately and are using resources in an alarming way. People should think about their future generations and should try to conserve the resources as much as they can.

Earth has been degraded up to large extent and almost all natural resources are on the verge of depletion. So it’s the responsibility of mankind to save the earth and its resources in order to survive and continue their existence on the earth.

There are various human activities that are depleting natural resources and causing immense damage to the earth. So, people should stop doing such activities or should use the resources in a sustainable way that will not harm the earth. For instance, if people should stop using plastic bags and should switch to biodegradable bags, they can contribute a lot in saving the earth and its species.

Also, if we promote afforestation and reduce activities that cause environmental pollution, we can initiate saving our earth. Government and people should make combined efforts to save the planet earth. People should be made aware of the ill-effects of over-exploitation of resources so that they should stop wasting them unnecessarily. Awareness campaigns regarding overpopulation must be started to make people realize that increasing population is the major reason behind earth’s depletion.

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