Essay on Hard Work

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Essay on Hard Work

Essay on Hard Work

Hard work holds the key to success and nothing can beat hard work in life. People who think that luck is way more fruitful than hard work, they are wrong! Nothing comes easy and one has to put a lot of efforts to achieve something in life. One who works day and night to accomplish his goal will definitely become successful in life. Success is certain when you do everything with full determination and hard work. However, one must do hard work in a smart way and should not waste time on unnecessary things that are not going to help you in future.

The development and growth of a nation lie in the hard work of the people running the country. It is us who need to stay focused on our goals to help the nation prosper and succeed. A hard-working person possesses many qualities like punctuality, discipline, dedication and commitment towards a particular goal. Hard work always rewards you with success and happiness and one becomes satisfied when he achieves something in life.

Many great personalities in history brought a revolution in the world with their hard work and dedication. For instance, the Wright brothers who invented the first aircraft endeavoured day and night to invent the aeroplane that eventually bought a revolution in the transport realm.

Luck comes to those who work hard to make them enough capable of achieving a goal. As we say that god helps those who help themselves, therefore one should never lose courage and should keep on going to reach the final destination. The journey may be hard but the fruit is overwhelming so never give up in life and always follow the rule of hard work to change your dreams into reality. Hard work has the power to bring positive changes in the society so keep doing hard work to succeed in life.

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