Education System in India Essay

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Education System in India Essay

Education System in India Essay

Education System in India Essay 300 Words

As India is a developing country, it has to do a lot to enhance its education system. Although India has progressed a lot, however the education system in India still lacks some of the basic requirements that lead to the growth of the nation. Education plays an important role in the development of a country and it forms the basis of an individual’s progress. Lack of proper education has already resulted in poverty and despair in the country and hence it is crucial to improve the education system in India.

The education system in India is divided into private and government sector. The latter provides poor quality education to society and has failed to prove their worth to the country. The kind of education given in government schools lacks a lot of important factors that make it insufficient for the students. Most of the teachers employed in the government sector do not have the proper knowledge and therefore cannot provide the right education to the students.

Poor infrastructure and lack of proper facilities in the government schools results in the degradation of the student’s life. On the other hand, private schools which provide all the required facilities to the students are way too expensive and most of the people cannot afford it.

Other than this, the Indian education system also lacks practical knowledge as it puts more emphasis on theoretical things rather than providing proper practical knowhow. Although the labs are equipped with advanced computers and devices, the teachers don’t know how to teach the students practically and therefore make students cram topics even if they do not understand it.

In conclusion, the education system in India needs a lot of improvement. Government has introduced various policies to enhance the education, however, India has to set a long way to come up to the level of a developed country. Education is the only way to improve the image of the nation and to see it prospering.

Education System in India Essay 500 Word

The Education system in India is quite old and complicated. No doubt India has produced many genius people who are working in top-notch firms and making us all proud. However, the education system is not much developed as compared to other countries. It’s really important to grow and develop with time or otherwise, India will soon be left behind in the race of development. We are still stuck on that same theory and exam pattern which is making students less knowledgeable and dormant.

So let’s check out some of the issues associated with our education system:

The education system in India is facing many issues lately which are hindering the growth and development of students. The grading system is such a curse to our system that evaluates the intelligence of students on the grounds of their academic exam marks. This makes the students less confident even if they are good at many other things. Every individual has his own unique talents and to judge them just on the basis of their mark sheet makes no sense.

Therefore, children try their level best to get good marks in the exam even if they don’t know exactly what they are writing. They have become book worms with no practical knowledge in hand. They are not able to learn the subjects properly in the race of getting more marks.

This lack of practical knowledge has made many students jobless and unworthy in the society. They are not getting jobs according to their studies and education.

What can we do to improve our education system?

As the Indian education system is declining day by day, it is important to think upon it and devise some effective solutions that could improve our system and create a bright future for the coming generations. We can initiate this by starting skill development programs in the schools and colleges which would focus less on grades and more on talent and practical knowledge. 

Also, the subjects taught in the school must be accompanied by practical knowledge. This will help the students to better understand the concept and yield more results. Every year the syllabus should be updated so as to shun the old age education model.

In addition to this, the government and private schools must increase the pay scale of teachers according to their knowledge and qualification. Many schools hire teachers with less qualification so as to offer less pay, however, this affects the learning of students. In a nutshell, the education system of India must change for the betterment of the society as well as of the nation. 

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