Blood Donation Essay

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Blood Donation Essay

Blood Donation Essay

Blood donation is a charitable practice that is done to help individuals suffering from blood loss due to some illness or accident. Blood is the most important building block and fundamental component of a human body and its excessive loss from the body can lead to the death of a person if it is not transfused at the right time.
Therefore, blood donation saves the life of many people every year. There are various reasons for blood requirement such as the person may be suffering from anaemia, or he has a condition like thalassemia or maybe he met with an accident and lost a huge amount of blood.

So blood donation helps such people to get a new life and coming out of their critical condition. Blood donation is a kind and generous gesture and also symbolizes responsibility and humanity towards society.

Donating blood is not harmful to the body as doctors say that donating 4-5 litres of blood every 6 months makes your body fit and fine as the body produces new cells after depletion of the old cells and thus freshens up the whole body mechanism. Production of new cells also enhances your immune system and helps you fight against various diseases like cancer, heart diseases and many more.

So if you are between 17-66 years of age and have more than 50 kg weight, you are eligible to donate blood. However, if you are suffering from certain diseases like hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy or some other disease, you cannot donate blood as you may not be in sound health. Every year various blood donation campaigns are organized to create awareness on blood donation and many competitions are held in colleges to promote this noble cause. Hence, blood donation is an important aspect of life and one must volunteer to donate blood whenever someone is in need.

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