Essay on Politics

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Essay on Politics

Essay on Politics 300 Words

Usually, the government, political parties and the politicians are the components of politics that specifically form an organization and every country follow the guidelines given by them to maintain and run the nation effectively. Politics and the politicians that run the politics make people aware of various agendas and schemes run by the government. Politics is the basis of any government and execute various programs to get their vote bank filled. Usually, it is seen that political parties make different moves in the public for their own interest and benefits. Hence, this ultimately hinders the development of a nation and its economy.

Politics involves intense cleverness and strategies to run a country and convince people of various things. Many times opposition parties spread false news against the other party to gain certain benefits, this harms the peace within the country and also slows down the growth of a nation.

Nowadays, many ministers and political officials are accused of being a part of a scam or corruption which further instils hate in the hearts of people towards the government. During elections, government or we can say the politicians promise huge things to the public but once they get their vote banks fully filled, they turn their back and never come up with anything that is in the general interest of the public.

Also, it’s very easy to get into politics for a person who has enough money and is at least 25 years of age. In addition to this, education requirements are also minimal which ultimately enables the uneducated candidates to take hold of the nation.

In conclusion, it is important that our government should be made up of educated and wise people who can enhance the progress of the nation rather than doing things for their personal interest. So we must unite and help each other to get rid of dirty politics and vote those who actually deserve to be in the highest position.

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