Use Fillers Instead of Pauses in PTE – Types & Format for PTE Speaking

Use Fillers Instead of Pauses in PTE – Types & Format – don’t take pauses only use fillers. So what are fillers? A filler is a sound or word that is spoken in conversation by one participant to signal to others a pause to think without giving the impression of having finished speaking. The most common filler sounds are “ah”, “uh”, “um”, “you know”, “I mean”, “okay”, “so”, “actually”, “basically”, and “right” are more prevalent. But in PTE Academic you can […]

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Different Types, Styles, Format, Template of PTE Reorder Paragraphs

Paragraph style 1 Example Topic Sentence – This is the most common style in English writing. The first sentence is known as “Topic Sentence”. This sentence conveys clear idea related to a topic. This sentence is always “independent” means it doesn’t depend on other sentences, it is totally independent and it can survive alone. It also introduces an idea for the following topic. Supporting Details – Next second third or fourth paragraph contains supporting detail such as examples, explanations, advantages, […]

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PTE Academic Retell Lecture Format Examples & Effective Strategy

There is no universal format for retell lecture. But you can start with – “The speaker explained or the lecture was about”. In the first sentence, you should talk about the topic. The speaker explained related to dolphins. The lecture was related to tigers or you can start directly that the nutrition guidelines are important for us. The nutrition is important for us. You can start but we always prefer “The speaker explained or the lecture was about”. Retell Lecture […]

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