Different Types, Styles, Format, Template of PTE Reorder Paragraphs

Different Types, Styles, Format, Template of PTE Reorder Paragraphs

Paragraph style 1 Example

Topic Sentence This is the most common style in English writing. The first sentence is known as “Topic Sentence”. This sentence conveys clear idea related to a topic. This sentence is always “independent” means it doesn’t depend on other sentences, it is totally independent and it can survive alone. It also introduces an idea for the following topic.

Supporting Details Next second third or fourth paragraph contains supporting detail such as examples, explanations, advantages, disadvantages or any process related to the topic sentence.

The last paragraph usually contains conclusion or results or any future prediction or any contrary facts means any opposite idea. If the explanation of the contrary fact is given then it can come in middle too because if the writer gave the explanation of that contrary fact of that opposite fact then it can come in second or third position.

Paragraph Style 2 Example

Sometimes the writer starts the paragraph with the question or example to illustrate the main idea in order to make it more interesting, they sometimes start it with question and example.

Next will be the topic sentence – Always depend on the question or example have given the first sentence.

Details and Supporting information – Which may be examples, timeline, or any ideas.

Contrary Facts/ Conclusions/ Future Predictions/ Results always come at the end in Reorder Paragraph.

Paragraph Style 3 Example

In this, the writer tells you a story. This is a narrative form of writing.

In this, the writer explains the events separately in a sequence they took place.

PTE Reorder Connectors and Linking Words

Mostly they have given a timeline in this case. Based on the timeline, you can easily arrange them in a timeline or chronological order.