PTE Academic Retell Lecture Format Examples & Effective Strategy

There is no universal format for retell lecture. But you can start with – “The speaker explained or the lecture was about”.

In the first sentence, you should talk about the topic. The speaker explained related to dolphins. The lecture was related to tigers or you can start directly that the nutrition guidelines are important for us. The nutrition is important for us. You can start but we always prefer “The speaker explained or the lecture was about”.

Retell Lecture Audio Exercises

Don’t forget to give a conclusion and make sure you always say (In Conclusion). If you don’t understand the conclusion, you can say anything related to the topic or just paraphrase the topic again. Like the speaker explained related to the dolphins. In conclusion, you can say that (In conclusion, the lecture the lecture was related to dolphins). However, you don’t understand the conclusion but make sure you always give a short and sweet conclusion.

Tips For Retell Lecture In PTE Exam

Don’t say “he said” or “he explained” in every sentence because there are two forms of speech i.e “Direct Speech” and “Indirect Speech“. When you say, “he said that” you need to paraphrase, you need to change the whole tense of the sentence. For example –

  • Direct Speech – John said, “I will give you a pen”.
  • Indirect Speech – John said that he would give me a pen.

So if you say he said that in every sentence, so you need to paraphrase and you need to change the tense of that sentence, every sentence. This is where you get confused. We are not so confident the indirect form of speech, so this is why we don’t say “he said” or “he explained” in every sentence. We just say it in the beginning. The speaker explained related to the nutritional deficiencies or nutritional guidelines by American Cancer Society. There were four guidelines, we don’t say the speaker said that there were four guidelines, there is no need to say that. Make sure you say the speaker explained in the first sentence, but if you were good at indirect speech, just say it in every sentence, there is nothing wrong in that. Some people are not confident with the indirect form of speech and they make grammatical mistakes when they do that.

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