Use Fillers Instead of Pauses in PTE – How To Use Filler Words

Filler Words – Use Fillers Instead of Pauses in PTE and IELTS – Types & Format – don’t take pauses only use fillers. So what are fillers?

How To Use Filler Words

How To Use Filler Words in PTE

A filler is a sound or word that is spoken in conversation by one participant to signal to others a pause to think without giving the impression of having finished speaking. The most common filler sounds are “ah”, “uh”, “um”, “you know”, “I mean”, “okay”, “so”, “actually”, “basically”, and “right” are more prevalent.

But in PTE Academic you can use fillers like “In addition to that”, “Moreover, we can say that”, “The graph gives a clear idea regarding” or “If we look closer we can see that”.

Filler Words Tips –


1. – Learn only 2 fillers – The fillers you should learn beforehand, don’t just think I’ll add some of the fillers at the same time while taking the test because, at that time, you are trying to understand the content. You can’t immediately create fillers. So make sure you learn two fillers which you are supposed to use whenever you want to take pauses or you are not understanding the content, at that time you can use quickly.

2. – In addition to that – Suppose you are saying, the graph compares imports and exports those took place in the US from 2009 to 2016. “For next sentence, you need 3 to 4 seconds to think”, so you can say “In addition to that” or you have mentioned something like the imports were maximum in 2009, “in addition to that” instead of just talking a pause, make sure you fill it with filler.

3. – Moreover, we can say that – This filler you can also use, we won’t encourage you to use fillers but instead of pauses using fillers is much better. So make sure you can use this filler.

4. – The graph gives a clear idea regarding – Suppose you are describing a graph, this graph compares some imports and exports those took place in the USA and Canada from 2009 to 2016. So if you didn’t know what to speak further, related to content. Then you can add “The graph gives a clear idea regarding” imports and exports. So this way you will get 3 to 4 seconds in order to think something and make sure always use fillers because if you have taken pause for 3 seconds, your microphone stop working, it won’t record your voice. So technically you are not allowed to take 3-second long pause. In order to avoid that pause, you may use fillers like (If we look closer we can see that).

5. – Practice – Just try to practice using these filters again and again because at that time while you are busy looking at the content, you can’t think of any new filler.

6. – Use of Two Fillers Together – You can use two fillers together. E.g. “If we look closer we can see that the graph gives a clear idea regarding_ _ _” this way you will get 5 to 6 seconds to think about the content. You won’t lose marks in fluency. You are supposed to practice 30 to 40 graphs in two or three days. Just practice 10 graphs daily. With this practice, you will improve your fluency.

7. – Make a format – Make a format means, with different types of questions, make a format for speaking. E.g. While talking related to the line graph, you can make a format that “I will start with this line graph shows the difference between this and this is the year 2009 and 2016. Next time I will start, the maximum and minimum”.

So technically this is a sort of format, make it for the line graph. E.g. You can make the format for pie diagram, with a pie chart you can say I will start with the maximum, then ill talk related to the minimum, then the middle figures.


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