PTE Collocation Words List 3 – Collocative Vocabulary Examples in English

On this page, you can find a long list of collocation to give you more idea about them. Many good learners dictionaries show collocations list associated with the specific word. There is also a dictionary of collocation, which is more difficult to find. So we post PTE Collocation Words List 3 – English Collocations.



PTE Collocation Words List 3 - Collocative Vocabulary Examples in English

Here are some important collocation words with their different types and their use in combination of words or sentence. Below these examples, there is English Collocations – PTE COLLOCATIONS LIST – 3.

Firstly some common verbs –

have a bath, have a drink, have a good time, have a haircut, have a holiday, have a problem, have a relationship, have a rest, have lunch, have sympathy.

do business, do nothing, do someone a favour, do the cooking, do the housework, do the shopping, do the washing up, do your hair, do your homework.

make a difference, make a mess, make a mistake, make a noise, make an effort, make furniture, make money, make progress, make room, make trouble.

take a break, take a taxi, take a chance, take a look, take a rest, take a seat, take an exam, take notes, take someone’s place, take someone’s temperature

break a habit, break a leg, break a promise, break a record, break a window, break someone’s heart, break the ice, break the law, break the news to someone, break the rule,

catch a ball, catch a bus, catch a chill, catch a cold, catch a thief, catch fire, catch sight of, catch someone’s attention, catch someone’s eye, catch the flu

pay a fine, pay attention, pay by credit card, pay cash, pay interest, pay someone a compliment, pay someone a visit, pay the bill, pay the price, pay your respects

save electricity, save energy, save money, save one’s strength, save someone a seat, save someone’s life, save something to a disk, save space, save time, save yourself the trouble

keep a diary, keep a promise, keep a secret, keep an appointment, keep calm, keep control, keep in touch, keep quiet, keep someone’s place, keep the change

come close, come complete with, come direct, come early, come first, come into view, come last, come late, come on time, come prepared, come right back, come second, come to a compromise, come to a decision, come to an agreement, come to an end, come to a standstill, come to terms with, come to a total of, come under attack

go abroad, go astray, go blind, go crazy, go deaf, go dark, go bad, go bald, go bankrupt, go fishing, go mad, go missing, go on foot, go online, go out of business, go overseas, go quiet, go sailing, go to war, go yellow

get a job, get a shock, get angry, get divorced, go drunk, get frightened, get home, get lost, get married, get nowhere, get permission, pregnant, get ready, get started, get the impression

Secondly Miscellaneous

bang on time, dead on time, great deal of time, late 20th century, make time for, next few days, past few weeks, free time, from dawn till dusk, right on time, run out of time, save time, spare time, spend some time, take your time, tell someone the time, time goes by, time passes, waste time

Business English:-
annual turnover, bear in mind, break off negotiations, cease trading, chair a meeting, close a deal, close a meeting, come to the point,, dismiss an offer, draw a conclusion, draw your attention to, launch a new product, lay off staff, go bankrupt, go into partnership, make a loss, make a profit, make forces, sales figure, take on staff

a ball of string, a bar of chocolate, a bottle of water, a bunch of carrots, a cube of sugar, a pack of cards, a pad of paper

English Collocations – PTE Collocation Words List 3

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