PTE Academic Collocations List 2 – Strong New Words With Examples

Collocations are two or more words that go together. The word Collocate comes from Latin word “Collocare” and it means to place together. We can say that they can be studied together. You can not say for example “Make a shower”, You say to take a shower or to have a shower. We are sharing PTE Academic Collocations List 2 – Collocations for PTE.

We have different types of collocations for PTE, let’s just take a look at them.

First one is “Adverb + Adjective” for example “Totally different”.
Sentence – Today I’m going to do something totally different.

Adjective + Noun for example “Nice Wedding”
Sentence – Last weekend I went to a nice wedding.

Noun + Verb for example “Dogs bark”, “Birds tweet”

Verb + Noun for example “Watch T.V”
Sentence – I like watching T.V in the evenings.

Noun + Noun for example “Summer school”
Sentence – Many students don’t like summer school.

Verb +Expression with preposition for example “Fill with horror”

Verb + Adverb for example “Listen carefully”, “Learn quickly”
Sentence – She learns quickly.

PTE Academic Collocations List 2 – Collocations for PTE

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PTE Academic Collocations List 2 - Strong New Words With Examples

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Example –

“This lesson won’t be a waste of time if you listen carefully to what I’m going to teach today.”

In this sentence, “Waste of time” is a collocation and “Listen carefully” is another collocation.

Some Collocations with the word “English” are – English student, English teacher, English man, speak English, learn English, to master English, to practice English, idiomatic English, colloquial English, British English, American English. As you can see there are many collocations with the word English.

Now learn groups of words, for example – “Get a job”, “Listen carefully”, “Learn quickly” and so on.

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