Taking PTE Practice Tests, Again And Again, is correct or wrong?

Taking PTE Practice Tests, Again And Again, is correct or wrong? According to experts, don’t just keep on taking PTE test again and again. If you are short of 3, 4 or 5 marks or may be 6 or 7 marks, just you can repeat the test. But if you are short of 15 or 25 marks in reading just don’t take the test again and again after every 5 days. You can’t improve your reading in five days. So if you want to improve your marks you need to just prepare for the reading for one month.

So what mistake we are doing, we just make a first practice attempt of fill in the blanks, suppose 10 out of 20 blanks are correct. Second time 14 out of 20 blanks are correct. In the third attempt, we have 20 out of 20 blanks correct. What we say “waa ao oo”, improved. But do you actually improved? DId you check why your 10 blanks are correct and why not your other “10 mistakes are not correct”?. Did you check meaning of other words in those particular paragraphs. Do you know each and every meaning and sentence, in those particular 20 paragraphs, which you have practiced? No, you haven’t?

So in order to improve your score, first of all, you need to know “where you are wrong”. It is very important for you to know your mistakes that why your other 10 mistakes are not correct. The reason behind that 10 mistakes is more important to you as compared to practicing the same exercise on weekly basis. After correcting the mistakes/logics/facts/data, you can proceed to next exercise.