Googling Correct Words For PTE Academic Exam Preparation

Just don’t think that I am judging you, I have done the same thing. I did never google any word correctly. What I google is “PTE reading tips, PTE Fill in the blanks practice material, PTE Fill in the blanks questions”. So technically, if you practice like 200 – 400 fill in the blanks, you can’t improve PTE fill in the blanks because you haven’t check any meaning. All we did was just practices 100 – 500 fill in the blanks online without checking the meaning, you didn’t even know that how these words are properly linked to the other sentence, that how I have chosen the particular words. So without knowing the meaning of words without knowing the collocation, without looking for the sentence structure, you just can’t practice fill in the blanks directly. So without wasting time directly on fill in the blanks online practice material just improve you reading in general consciously, just keep on reading the newspaper and you will improve your reading skills. Thereafter practice online to get more marks in reading.

How to read newspaper for PTE exam

In conclusion, in-spite of searching content like PTE Fill In The Blanks, PTE Writing Summary or any other section of PTE, first you need to improve your basic googling concepts i.e to know the meaning of those words of whom you are unaware of.