What To Do For Improving PTE Reading Mistakes

What To Do For Improving PTE Reading Mistakes – While practicing, google the meaning of every option given in the drop down menu or in any other PTE Reading section. Yes, every option, even if you filled the blank correctly. Then also look for the meaning of the other words.

Suppose –

It requires ________ effort.

Options – a) colossal, b) nominal, c) negligible, d) customary

Do you know the meaning of all of these? Suppose you have taken “colossal”, suppose this is correct. But do you know the meaning of other three? – No. Even I don’t know the meaning of colossal and customary. So look for the meaning of all of these four and then choose the correct one. Look for synonyms as well.

Like Example –

Do you know where we use word ago, earlier, back and before?

  • I went there 10 minutes ago or I went back ten minutes earlier or I went ten minutes back or I went there ten minutes before.
  • Or the train came ten minutes “ago, earlier, back, before“? So this is very important to look out for the meaning of all these 4 words and just try to use where we use these words “ago, earlier, back and before“.

So again we are repeating that there is no short cut in PTE Reading and you need to work really hard and you need to maintain a PTE notebook. Keep on reading editorial parts of newspapers and keep on checking the new words. This is how you will improve your PTE Reading skills.

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