Do’s and Don’ts Example For PTE Academic Essay Writing Template

PTE Essay First Example – 

PTE Second Example – Question – What is the greatest invention of the 20th century among Medicine, Aeroplane, and Computers, why?

Do’s and Don’ts Example For PTE Academic Essay Writing Template

In this example, you need to pick any of these “ Medicine, Aeroplane, and Computers” and start writing.

1. So what we’ll do in this – we’ll pick one and start writing and we’tell why it is better than other like “Aeroplane” or “Computers” or “Medicine”.

2. Don’t switch your choice in every paragraph – If you have written that medicine is better in compare to “aero plane” or “computers” do not write that computers are better in the second paragraph. This way you are creating weakness and ambiguity in your essay. So what you need to do is pick one and go with it. Don’t contradict your own statement.

3. Don’t write any opinion of others – e.g. people say computers are more important or people say medicine are more important. Never give any opinion of others what they are thinking.

4. Don’t write negative points of the invention you have chosen until asked – If they ask you to write negative points, then you must write. If they didn’t ask than don’t write negative points of the invention you have picked. In this you are supposed to write positive points of these inventions.

What are the things we should avoid in essay writing to get more marks in this topic –

So in this case – If we write about any other invention which is not mentioned in the question. The content marks will not be given.

If we wrote about all these three “Medicine, Aeroplane and Computers.’ As in the first paragraph, we said medicine is important, in the second paragraph we said Aeroplane is more important, in the third paragraph we said Computers are more important. This we again create the weakness in the essay.

If you didn’t gave your opinion – As they have clearly asked your opinion and if you didn’t give it your written scores marks will be less.