PTE Write from Dictation Tips and Tricks – How To Write A Dictation Sentence

Welcome to the listening “Write from dictation“, let’s go ahead and see what this question type it is about and PTE Write from Dictation Tips and Tricks.

Things To Remember – PTE Write from Dictation Tips and Tricks

PTE Write from Dictation Tips and Tricks

You will have 3 to 4 questions of this type in your exam. It’s dictation task so you will listen to an audio and you have to type it in the text box on the screen.
Some people prefer to take notes on the rough pad notes that have been provided to you. While other prefer to type directly into the screen. So whichever option works better for you, you can go ahead with that. Once you have done practice then you will found it actually which option you should go ahead with.

There is a timer of seven seconds before which the audio starts. So use that seven seconds to prepare yourself to start listening and be ready for the audio to start. Put your cursor in the text box, if you directly start typing. Along with this be ready with the notepad given to you and be ready to take some notes.


This is what the screen will look like. So once the audio start playing and in the end, you just have to type the sentence there.

It’s the test of your listening and writing skills. In listening you have to understand and remember, what you are hearing. In writing, you will have to reproduce it properly with the correct spelling and correct grammar. Here let’s talk about PTE write from dictation tips to score well in your exam.

PTE Write from Dictation Tips – Remember This To Score Well

1. Use the 7 seconds to focus yourself – In those 7 seconds make sure that you are ready to take notes or type.

2. Try to understand the meaning of the sentence – Just focus on typing without understanding or taking notes without understanding. Try to understand the meaning of the sentence because if you do that then, in the end, you come back and see what you have typed or what you have written. With this, you can review it and correct the mistakes. But if you don’t understand the meaning then there’s not much you can do in the review.

3. Type or note down as much as you can – While typing or writing it down in the notepad as much as you can but follow the sentence. Don’t just get stuck with the one word while speaker ends the whole sentence. Don’t try to write the complete words or any connecting / Linking words. For example – “sentence” for this you can write “sen”, then just go to the next word. You would also remember what you are hearing.

4. Review – So once the audio has finished come back and look at those incomplete words. The first few alphabets will remind you what’s the full sentence was. When you see “sen”, it will remember that yes it is sentence and then you can type the full sentence with the idea. So in the end, go back and if you already written a sentence then review it. If you have written it in a notebook then start typing it in the box and start constructing properly. Check the sentence for grammar and spelling mistakes as well.


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