PTE Read Aloud Practice – Speaking Strategies and Methods

In this type of question, you will see some text on the screen. You have 40 seconds to read the text and first understand it. After that, the microphone will open up. In next 40 seconds, you will have to read out what you are asking on the screen. Let’s start with PTE Read Aloud Practice with answers.

PTE Read Aloud Practice Method

PTE Read Aloud Practice With Answers

The first 40 seconds are there for you to become familiar with the text. Rehearse it in your mind to identify any difficult words and try to pronounce it.

In the first 30-40 seconds, also identify the places –

  • where you are going to take pause
  • Which one are you gonna put some stress on
  • Where are you going to raise the voice
  • Where are you going to lower the voice

All these things are going to determine the kind of score that you get. So you don’t have to read it out like a robot. You have to read it naturally, fluently, the pronunciation has to be correct. In addition, you should be able to identify the pronunciations, commas pauses at the appropriate places and stop at the right places. Essentially being able to convey through your tone and through the way you speak what’s important in the sentence. In other words, you should be able to convey the meaning in place of reading it out.

Now we are going to solve PTE Read Aloud Practice Test Question –

The question appears on the screen and the countdown timer will start for 40 seconds like this.

pte read aloud practice

Read Aloud Question Example

As soon as that ends, another countdown timer will start for 40 seconds. During that second countdown timer, you should say your response. Record your response for your practice either on your mobile phone or recorder on PC/Laptop.


Here is the sample response –

“Accelerated MBA programs/ are a variation of the two-year programs./ They involve a higher course load/ with more intense class and examination schedules/ and are usually condensed into one year./ They usually have less ‘down time’/ during the program/ and between semesters.”

Backslashes –

There are slashes/backslashes between different words. As we say in the initial 40 seconds you have to use that to identify where you need to pause where you need to pause or to raise/lower your voice. Usually, at all commas and full stops, you will pause and when you beginning the sentence raise your tone. For example, when you beginning “they involve”, at that point of time, you will need to raise and when you come towards the end of the sentence then gradually your tone should fall down. Also when you comparing options for example when there are a lot of commas and different options then again after each comma you can raise your voice.

In short, they are the way to identify or they help you to maintain fluency in speech. Some people will get stuck so try to divide the sentences in your mind. You can not put these slashes on your screen. So in your mind try to divide the sentence into the small parts. For example –

1st part – Accelerated MBA programs
2nd part – are a variation of the two-year programs.
3rd part – They involve a higher course load
4th part – with more intense class and examination schedules
5th part – and are usually condensed into one year.
6th part – They usually have less ‘down time’
7th part – during the program
8th part – and between semesters.

In this way, you can solve the Read Aloud section of PTE Exam. Practice saying, meaningful, together in one move.


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