PTE Select Missing Word Practice – Detailed Explanation

PTE Select Missing Word Practice Sample – You will hear a recording. At the end of the recording, the last word or group of words are missing. Select the correct option to complete the recording.

PTE Select Missing Word Practice Sample

PTE Select Missing Word Practice

PTE Select Missing Word

5 – PTE Select Missing Word – Listen to the audio and select the correct option.

Bullying is not like other forms of aggression. It involves a particular kind of harm and it’s aimed at creating a kind of helplessness, an inability to stand up for yourself. Being bullied can have far-reaching effects on your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your performance in school, even your interactions with others and all of us experience it at one time or another. But when you are young and in the middle of it can seem like _______________.

Options –

1. a unwanted adventure
2. an unending nightmare
3. troublesome
4. character building

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2. an unending nightmare.


Detailed Explanation

If you are taking notes of the audio, then the last few words which are very important. In this case, the last couple of words were “it can seem like”. So you are essentially comparing what did he describes before with something else. So it can seem like – the first two options are there with which you can compare something with. Last two options are the things which “are” or ” which can be”, so if “it was” or “it can be” character building or troublesome. But when you are comparing then it has to be a thing. So that’s why it would either be “a unwanted adventure” or “an unending nightmare”. But it’s “an” which is followed by a word beginning with a vowel “U”, so option an ending nightmare is correct. In addition to this, the text tells you that which sentence will make a logical sentence.


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