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Describe Image With Answers – You have 25 seconds to recognize the image. Describe the image including important keywords in your own words in about 40 seconds. Here is – PTE Describe Image With Answers.

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PTE Describe Image With Answers

# PTE Speaking Question No. 1 – Describe Image With Answers

Describe Image With Answers

The bar chart compares how many Olympic medals won by twelve countries in the world. The USA tops the chart with the highest number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with about two thousand three hundred total medals. It is followed by the Soviet Union with one thousand medals. The UK and France managed to make around seven hundred and six hundred medals respectively. The lowest number of medals were won by Japan and China with less than four hundred medals. In conclusion, investment in professional sports is probably the reason for impressive achievement by the united states in the Olympics.

# PTE Speaking Question No. 2 – Describe Image With Answers

The table compares the output of waste produced by six different countries in 1980, 1990 and 2000 in million tons. In 1980, US produced 131 million tons of waste material while the figures for Japan stood at 28 million tons. By 2000, in US production of waste had risen to 192 million tons while Japan figure had risen to 53 million tons. The lowest amount of waste was produced by Ireland and Portugal. In conclusion, the figures for almost all of the countries contributing to the output of waste material had risen over the 20 year period.


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