Multiple Choice Questions on Reading Skills with Explanation

PTE Multiple Choice Single Answer – Read the passage and choose a single answer from the multiple choices. Here are Multiple Choice Questions on Reading Skills.

Multiple Choice Questions on Reading Skills

Multiple Choice Questions on Reading Skills

7. Read the passage and answer the following question.

The coastal wetlands have an environment and economic importance. Wetlands provide natural wealth. They have important filtering capabilities. As the runoff water passes, they retain excess nutrients and some pollutants. They maintain water flow during dry periods. Thousands of people depend on groundwater for drinking They act as natural sponges of flood waters and contain soil erosion. They control floods and save the building from collapsing during heavy rains. The hardwood – riparian wetlands along the Mississippi River can store sixty days of floodwater.

Multiple Choice Questions on Reading Skills – Which of the following could be a suitable heading for the paragraph?

1. The Filtering Mechanism of Wetlands.
2. Riparian Wetlands along the Mississippi
3. Wetlands-A great source of water during the dry summer days
4. The Ecological functions and Economic values of Coastal Wetlands.

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#Correct Answer: 4

Example for correct answer –

Option 1. This option is incorrect as it is too narrow as an answer choice as it picks up one of the functions of the wetlands and states that it can be heading for the passage.

Option 2. This is just provided as an illustration. The passage is about the wetlands in general and not one specific wetland.

Option 3. This is just one of the functions of the wetlands. The heading of the passage should cover all aspects discussed on it, thereby summing it up in a few words.

Option 4. This is the correct option as both the economic (metaphorical) and environmental importance has been discussed in the passage. The economic or the wealth is not wealth literally but the nutrients the wetlands retain and the water flow they maintain.


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