Essay Checklist Tips For High Scoring

Academic Essay Checklist Tips – In this article, we are going to talk about so the things that we should keep in mind while writing an essay. We will give you a checklist when you are writing an essay in the exam. While writing the essay and after writing the essay, make sure that you should check your essay against this list. If you do this, you will get definitely a high score. So we will give you 10 points and make sure you should check your essay against each of these points.

Academic Essay Checklist Tips

Essay Checklist Tips


# Essay Checklist Point No. 1 “Word limit” –

According to PTE, You should write 200 to 300 words, but it is best to write around 230 to 240 words. If you try to write somewhere 275 to 280 or 300 words, it will become a very long essay and might become unmanageable for you. If you write just around 200 words or 210 words, then it is not sufficient to properly address all the points in the essay. So aim to write around 230 – 240 words.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 2 “Structure”

When you are writing your essay or after you have written your essay, always check the structure. The structure that you have paragraphs, separate paragraphs for introduction, ideas, and conclusion. These things are very distinct parts of a good essay and that is what your structure should also be.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 3 “Paragraphs”

Related to the second point, the third one is the number of paragraphs. Make sure that you have at least four paragraphs in your essay. The first paragraph is for the introduction, second and third for the ideas where you should talk about the advantages – disadvantages or agree – disagree and the fourth paragraph for the conclusion. For the ideas paragraphs, there should be two paragraphs but if you want more then you can also write three smaller paragraphs, that’s fine. But try to write at least four paragraphs. Don’t write just three paragraphs because then the middle paragraph that becomes too long. By putting all key points in the middle paragraph it becomes difficult to read and the chances of making an error also increase.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 4 “Template”

Ask yourself and make sure that you have used the template correctly. There are a lot of people they memorize two or three templates and then they try to write every essay every topic with just according to these two or three templates. But when they do that, they end up with making a lot of grammatical mistakes and lot of logical mistakes. Sometimes some ideas or some essay topics don’t fit in that template. So if you are using a template, make sure you are using template according to that particular essay topic. Use the template only if you are very sure.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 5 “Vocabulary”

While writing your essay and after writing your essay, in the end always leave a few minutes for review. Maybe three, four or five minutes of review. So, in the end, review and see if you can replace some words and check the spellings. If you are using the same words then put some synonyms like for example you wrote the word “advantages, advantages, and advantages” everywhere in the essay, then you can replace it, write at one place “advantages” and at another place you can write “plus points”. So after you have written your essay check either any words you can replace to put some better words theirs.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 6 “Grammar”

Again in the review and while writing ask yourself – have you used correct sentence structure? Is this sentence too long? Is it sound too unnatural? Is it difficult to understand? If it is any of this, avoid using that kind of sentence and make it simple & clear. Some people have the wrong notion in their mind that they need to write very long or very difficult sentence to get a good score and the answer is no. In a day to day language, we do not write or we do not speak very long sentences. So that is the same approach which you need to follow here.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 7 “Language Range”

Have you displayed your range of language? Can you modify some sentences? Are all sentences in a similar structure? So if a person who has got a very basic level of English language. He will always write short, simple and similar sentences and someone who has more control, he will sometime use simple sentences, sometimes he uses complex sentences, he will use a different kind of sentences in many different ways at different places. The one who shows his wider range of language that means he has stronger command, he can use a much broader range of language, than that’s essay gets a higher score. So while reviewing look at some sentences to modify the language of the pitch, if all sentences are looking similar. So make sure you do that.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 8 “Are you on track?”

Ask yourself in your checklist, make sure to check – Are you on track or is I am on the right track. So after writing a couple of sentences ask yourself – “is I am on track” and “is I am still writing about what the essay topic is”. A lot of people may be sought of losing their way midway through the essay. They start writing on the topic but then they sidetracked. For example, if the essay topic is “Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a city vs living in a village”. They start with but in the middle, they will start talking about city life, they write entirely about the city life. If one of the disadvantages is pollution or traffic, then they just start writing about the traffic and the pollution. The essay will then become “The essay on pollution problem”. If that one happens that means the person has gone off track. You have to write on the topic for what you have asked for. If your language is very good or ideas are very good but if you fail to identify that what the main idea is or what i have to write about, then its all useless. So after every couple of sentences, just check for a moment that the essay is going in the right direction.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 9 “Examples”

Have you included some examples to support your ideas? Make sure you do, there are two reasons for this. One is “They ask you to write examples from your own experience” and second “It just gives you more material to write with”. Just try to write 240 words. Its very simple to insert an example to support your idea in an essay. So make sure to do so.

# Essay Checklist Point No. 10 “Repetition”

Check for repetition that is you repeating the same point again and again? – After writing paragraphs, just come back and check paragraphs because may aspirants come back to the same idea or they are repeating the same idea again and again. So don’t do that, just identify two or three good ideas and then write about those good ideas properly. Don’t repeat the ideas in each paragraph. Restrict each paragraph and when you are going to the next paragraph, then write about the different idea. So avoid repetition.

So those were the ten simple points and if you pay attention to these ten points when you are writing your essay, leave around two or three minutes, in the end, to go through these ten points, you will avoid making so many mistakes and this will definitely boost your score. So always keep these ten points in mind while writing an essay.

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