PTE Perfect Society Topic Sample Essay – What is an ideal society? How people can achieve it?

PTE Perfect Society Topic Sample Essay - What is an ideal society? How people can achieve it?

Sample Essay – 

There’s no definition of an ideal society or what it would look like. Ideal society to most people is where there ‘re no wars and everyone lives in peace and harmony. But is it really possible? If yes then how do we achieve that?

The most important element to make an ideal society is education. How? A well-educated person would always try to find ways to give back to the society. By well educated, I don’t mean knowledgeable idiots. A well-educated person is the one who has not only studied in colleges and universities but has moral values too. Education opens up job opportunities for everyone.Of course, degree holders are preferred everywhere. Serious ailments can be cured because someone somewhere studied about it and did research on it and finally found the cure.All thanks to education!

Imagine a place/society where people are educated to respect each other irrespective of their age, gender, color, religion, caste etc. Would there be any conflicts then?
The second important factor is health. A sound mind resides in a sound body. Healthy people, happy people! If pregnant ladies are provided paid maternity leaves, is there any harm in it? And why only mothers, fathers should be given this facility too. There can be health insurance policies.

The role of police can’t be ruled out. Late night patrolling can reduce the crime rates to a great extent. Whenever a situation becomes tense, the police should know how to take control of the situation so the citizens can feel safe.

A perfect society can’t be solely made by either government or the people. Both have to co ordinate and be interdependent on each other. The government can provide services to the public and the public can abide by the laws. Even though we know that this is just an idea of an ideal society which is near to impossible to achieve because neither the government nor the people are honest with each other, no one is selfless but we can still at least try our bit in making this world a better place to live. Not much, we can at least respect other individuals. This alone can make a huge difference in our society. After all, that ‘s what people crave for. yeah, yeah you are saying in your heads that it’s money, power or love, but no, it’s the respect. So, educate your students, siblings, children to respect others.