PTE Academic Writing Essay Sample Task 2 – It is becoming increasingly popular to find out the family history

It is becoming increasingly popular to find out the family history

Sample Essay –

Do you know what’s the new trend? Digging into the history of your family and making a family tree! But isn’t it a waste of time, looking into history, what has already passed? Not really! It’s actually a very good development. Even if many find it a mere wastage of time, the positives overcome the negatives.

Looking into your family’s medical history can help you take preventive measures in case a serious ailment runs in your family’s blood. You feel connected to your roots. Who knows your ancestors might have fought a war, made an invention, met a celebrity or do something which would make you feel proud of your family and the older generations?
Many people tend to make a family tree to revive some good old memories. It can help you preserve your legacy and heritage. And it’s the best way to connect to your grandparents. And it’s fun! It would give an immense pleasure to the grandparents when they would have someone who wants to listen to their stories. You get to know the hardships they and their parents or their grandparents faced.

If you think your father or mother is too harsh on you, look into your family’s history and you’ll get your answer for sure.Most of the times, if your grandparent had a very strict parent, chances are that your father too had a very strict father and now he too is one. It’s been passed on to generations. And chances are that it’d affect you in a positive way. you ‘d understand your parents better and hence, your family ties are improved.

Next time, instead of surfing the internet for the history of some celebrity, look for the history of your own family and have fun making a family tree. 🙂