PTE And IELTS General Essay – Marketing Strategy For Big Companies

Marketing strategy for some companies offers and discounts, for some it is reputation. Should consumer goods companies concentrate on special discounts and offers to promote their products or they should focus on reputation? What do you think is more important?

PTE And IELTS General Essay - Marketing Strategy For Big Companies

PTE And IELTS General Essay – Marketing Strategy For Big Companies

With globalisation, many organisations compete with multinational companies. Globalisation increases competition a lot, due to which there has been a ruckus in all to be the best and on the top in their respective business. Companies use various methods and strategies like placing offers and discounts to compete with each other. No doubt, marketing strategies play a crucial role in the growth and development of a firm to compete with multinational companies. This will also aid in grabbing the attention of more consumers and foster company’s turnover periodically.

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Running a sale or offering discount is one of a great way to raise liquidity in short span of time but some people believe this has a negative impact on reputation. Low price only drives sales but not build customer loyalty. While going on with a discount pricing strategy, it comes to the mind of the customer that this product will be lower in quality, thus they end up not buying the product. But when the actual price is quoted on the same product, then they think it is highly priced and once again avoid buying it.

Offering discounts vouchers stimulate product sales and impact both positively and negatively. In conclusion, although discounts and offers are a good marketing strategy to boost revenue, they should be used strategically and as a regular option. The customer is smart and will always figure out scams when they come across them.

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