PTE Essay – Should discrimination against older workers be made illegal?

PTE Essay - Should discrimination against older workers be made illegal?

PTE Essay – Should discrimination against older workers be made illegal?

In my opinion discrimination against older workers should be made illegal. The country should set up a law to make discrimination illegal against older workers. One is capable of a job is dependent on one’s skills, ability, and experience rather than one’s age. Firing a person just because of his age is not wise if that person is physically not fit then it is another issue but he is physically fit and capable enough to do a certain job then it is wrong to fire him. The older people bring experience to an organization which is very impressive for any organization. Every organization wants experienced people and older people have more experience than younger people. So organization should focus on retaining them rather than discriminating them.

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Also, older people bring stability in the organization which is another important factor for growth for an organization. The younger generation is not stable because they come with the hunger to grow fast that is why they are not stable, where they get more money and better opportunities they easily switch to that. I am not saying that young generation is not good for an organization. They are also important for an organization as older people because they are very enthusiastic which is good for an organization but we can not ignore the fact that experience is also equally important. There are many situations which can be solved by experience only.

To conclude I would say there should not be a factor in making any decision. The organisation should utilize their employees based on their skills rather than their age. Also, the government should take action on discrimination against older people at workplaces. There should be some law to protect older people from discrimination.

Firing older people may affect their families too. Because they might be the only source of income in some families so firing them can affect many people’s life.

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