PTE Academic Speaking Read Aloud Guide – Tips, Tricks & Techniques

PTE Academic Speaking Read Aloud Guide – Tips, Tricks & Techniques – Read Aloud is a very important section in PTE speaking because along with “Describe Image and Retell Lecture”, it contains maximum marks of speaking. So make sure you prepare all these three sections properly to get good marks in PTE speaking.

PTE Academic Speaking Read Aloud Guide – Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Read Aloud Section of PTE is quite simple in which you just have to read the given text aloud. In this article, we going to discuss the guidelines to solve this section and things to keep in mind before going out for an exam (tips and tricks).

We will provide you with some of the tips to get good marks in these sections. So first of all fluency and pronunciation.

Fluency and pronunciation are very important in PTE because it is assessed continuously in each and every section of PTE. So make sure your fluency and pronunciation are good in order to get higher marks in PTE speaking.

1. First of all, try to maintain same fluency throughout the test. Its very important factor because try not to fluctuate your frequency again and again. This impact your score negatively. Try to maintain the same pace, same speed throughout out the test. If you fluctuate your frequency, again and again, PTE software will detect this as a communication issue and it will give you less marks. Make sure your fluency is similar throughout the test.

E.g. In Read Aloud, you have text on the screen. So just try not to speed up in read aloud and try not slow down in describe image. Maintain the same pace, same speed, same fluency in the test to get good marks.

2. Pronunciation – In order to improve your pronunciation try to listen to yourself because it will help you identify your errors. In order to identify pronunciation mistakes you need to record your voice and you need to listen to yourself again and again, as it will give you a clear idea that where you are making mistakes.

Things to keep in mind –


1. – Don’t Speak Artificially – Don’t speak artificially, don’t try to copy any accent, don’t just try to sound smart. Make sure you talk naturally in your own accent.

2. – Normal Pace – Try to talk at the normal pace, don’t rush because you have a text on your screen, this doesn’t mean you should rush. Make sure you are talking at the normal pace.

3. – Speak Timings – Try to finish the sentence, try to finish the whole text in 30 to 35 seconds. Don’t stress about this.

4. – Timer recording – Don’t look at the timer while recording, because while in practice time if you talked the whole text loudly, you will have a clear idea that in how many seconds you are finishing the text. So don’t look at the time while recording in your practice time, while you are speaking the text loudly because you would have a clear idea of the timing.

5. – Speaking way – Always speak in the same way as it is written. For example, that’s, that is, It’s, it is, wanna, want to. So make sure you speak the way its written in the text. Don’t just switch it, if that is written there – make sure you speak it like “that is” don’t switch it with “that’s”, so make sure you speak the same way as it is written.