PTE Academic Essay – You are given climate as the field of study. Which area will you prefer? Explain why you picked up the particular area for your study?

Latest PTE Academic Writing Essay Topic - Climate As The Field Of Study

Latest PTE Academic Writing Essay Topic – Climate As The Field Of Study

Climate is in itself a diverse field having many areas of study like climatology, meteorology, solar physics, oceanography, global change biology, etc. and all these areas contribute to our study of climate. Given a choice to study one of these areas, which is kind of difficult to choose as all the areas of study are interesting, I would choose Oceanography. For anybody who has interest in science and is fascinated by the ocean, oceanography is the perfect match.

What does an oceanographer do? He studies the ocean. Interesting, right? From climate change, declining fisheries, eroding coastlines to development of new drugs from marine resources, hundreds of thousands of oceanographers are busy at work dealing with a diversity of such important issues. A wide range of topics are covered including marine life and ecosystems, ocean circulations, plate tectonics, the geology of seafloor and chemical and physical properties of the ocean. There are many disciplines within oceanography.
Plants and animals in the marine environment are studied by marine biologists and biological oceanographers. They study how these animals develop, relate to one another, adapt to the environment and how they interact with it.

The composition of seawater is studied by chemical oceanographers and marine chemists. They study its processes and cycles and the chemical interaction of seawater with atmosphere and seafloor. Their work also includes analysis of seawater components, effects of pollutants and impacts of chemical processes on marine organisms.  Chemistry can be used to understand how ocean currents move seawater around the globe and how the ocean affects climate and the potentially beneficial ocean resources such as natural products that can be used as medicines are identified by marine chemists.

Who explores the ocean floors? Geological oceanographers and marine geologists! How do we come to know about the processes which created the ocean basis and the interactions between the ocean and the seafloor? The work results of geological oceanographers and marine geologists help us in understanding that.  The history of sea-floor spreading, plate tectonics, and oceanic circulation and climates, volcanic processes, mantle circulation, hydro thermal circulation, magma genesis, and crystal formation, all are examined by geological oceanographers and marine geologists.

Deep currents, the ocean-atmosphere relationship that influences weather and climate, the transmission of light and sound through water, the ocean’s interactions with its boundaries at the seafloor and the coast are examined by physical oceanographers.
Because of this vast diversity, oceanography is able to get people hooked to it.

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