PTE Agree/ Disagree Essay – Air Traffic Increasingly Leading To Noise Pollution

Air traffic is increasingly leading to more noise, pollution, and airport construction. One reason for this is the growth in low-cost passenger flights, often to holiday destinations. Some people say that government should try to reduce air traffic by taxing it more heavily. Do you agree or disagree?

PTE Agree/ Disagree Essay - Air Traffic Increasingly Leading To Noise Pollution

PTE Agree/ Disagree Essay – Air Traffic Increasingly Leading To Noise Pollution

Planning to spend holidays at the other end of the country or state or abroad? Board a flight, right? The increasing demand for flights from passengers is resulting in air traffic which is leading to more noise pollution and airport construction. Why do people prefer airplanes to make business trips, reach holiday destinations or to reach anywhere for any purpose? Maybe because it’s the most convenient way to save our precious time. And the demand is only going to double over the 20 years and the construction of runways and airports wouldn’t be able to keep pace with it. Congestion means that more flights need to be handled at once. Their altitude has to be checked so that they don’t collide.

Not only that, but the pollution which is caused by airplane fuels contributes 2.5% of total carbon emission which is going to shoot up to 22% by 2050. And people are quite ignorant about how their flying behavior brings about climate change. Not only air pollution but the use of jet fuels, lubricants, and other chemicals cause water pollution. In cold climates, most of the fuels applied to the aircraft fall to the ground and are carried via storm water into the water bodies.  For the construction of airports, a large area of land is used up. Most of the times, people who are living on that land are dislocated or are forced to move to some other place. They are usually lower class people who do not have a say.
People need to wake up to the devastating impacts flying has on our environment. We should be aware of the aviation emissions.  It’s more of a personal choice, we can always choose to reduce the no. of flights taken.

Many say that taxation can help in the reduction of air traffic, but the citizens see cheap flights as their right, which makes government unlikely to do anything about it.
The air traffic controllers have to handle nearly 50,000 flights every day and the no. is only going to increase in the future. What can be done to tackle such situations so that there are no delays and collisions? The NASA has developed modern software, upgraded existing host computers, and voice communication systems to air traffic controllers track and communicate with aircraft.

What is needed is awareness, taxation wouldn’t do anything.