Consumer Should Avoid Over Packed Products Essay Writing Sample

Do you think consumers should avoid over-packaged products or is it the responsibility of the manufacturer to avoid over packaging? 

Consumer Should Avoid Over Packed Products Essay Writing Sample

Consumer Should Avoid Over Packed Products Essay Writing Sample

Over packaging of the product is done to attract the consumer. The producer tries to attract consumer with the attractive packing of the product. They do not bother about its impact on the environment. Over packaging increases the cost of the product and also affect the environment. The cost of the packing is added to the product. Over packaging of the product has become a trend now. You will see everything overpacked whether it is a medicine, a food item or household items. There is no need to overpacked medicine because the consumer will buy it if he needs it, so there is no point of attraction in case of medicine. Still, producers overpacked it and charge its packing cost from consumers.

Materials used in packaging of the product are plastic, paper, glass, metal, cardboard etc. Plastic is one of the most common packing material and at the same time most difficult to dispose of. It emits co2 which is very harmful to the environment and for everyone including buyer, seller, producer. So it is the best interest of everyone to make minimal use of packaging.

For instance, at the time of the festival, you will see every product like gift items, food items etc over packed and high rated than usual. We do buy it also as it looks attractive. So before producer as a consumer, we have to stop this first. If we will not buy over packed product than producer will also think of it and try to make it simple and cheap.

Although it is the responsibility of producer not to overpack products still they do it. They only think about their sale and profit. Brands do not think that whether it is environmentally friendly or not. Companies have completely forgotten that they themselves, their families and friends are also living in the same environment.

To sum up, I would like to say it is the responsibility of the producer to avoid over-packaging of product. But if they are not thinking of it as a consumer we should start avoiding these kinds of product. If we will avoid these products, it will impact producer’s sale hence he will think of it and our environment will be saved.

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