Native Regions Affect Personal Success – What Is Your Opinion

Native Regions Affect Personal Success – Many people think that regions affect a successful person. What is your opinion about the native region and accomplished person’s influence on region he belongs to?

Native Regions Affect Personal Success

Native Regions Affect Personal Success Essay –

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Many people think that region affects a successful person. Up to some extent, I agree with the statement region plays important role in the success of a person. There is no doubt that success can be determined by one’s hard work, determination, motivation, clear vision of your goals and ambition. But I agree with the statement native region or region someone belongs to plays an important role in life. A person’s native place may lack resource like good schools and colleges, coaching classes or other higher education institutes, art classes, sports clubs etc. Because of this, a person might get the problem in achieving his goal. A good education and environment to grow up are essential to success.

Schools play an important role in setting and achieving your goal. If you did not go to a school you will always feel a gap between you and other students who studied in a good school. While studying in college or working in an office you will feel that gap in many situations for e.g. their communication skills, vocabulary etc., will be better than you, they will be more fluent in English than you, good schools focus on other activities also expect study like sports, dancing, singing, quiz completions etc.

All these things help in building confidence and make someone more active and smart. Also, it helps you in clarifying your goal i.e. whether you want to pursue your dream in sports, study, dance etc. While one who did not study in a good school may be less confident and motivated than others and can’t chase his dream because of lack of resources.

Conclusion –

To wrap up, the region where someone belongs to really affect his/her future as it teaches tradition, culture and values of life. But hard work and determination are also equally important. If we live in a good place and study in a good school but we are not hardworking and determined for our goal then there is no benefit of growing up in a good environment. So both play an important role and both are equally important to becoming successful and achieving your goal.


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